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To promote their games, Sierra often made cameo-appearances of or references about characters of their other games. The Colonel's Bequest does not contain cameo's of other games, but contains multiple references to other games.

References to other games in The Colonel's Bequest

If you've found other ones, we would love hear about them!

Leisure Suit Larry

Probably the most prominent example is this one: when using the toilet in the bathroom, Laura wants some privacy and suddenly we are outside the bathroom and we see the door to the bathroom closing. While Laura is using the toilet, we'll see the following message, referencing to Leisure Suit Larry (Sierra's adult series of adventure games).

King's Quest III

Trying to TALK TO various animals (for example chicken at Celie's shack or frogs at the dock) , produce messages like the following one:

They refer to King's Quest III, where the main character can talk to animals after using a magic spell.
King's Quest was both Sierra's and Roberta Williams' (author of The Colonel's Bequest) most famous adventure game series.

King's Quest IV

This one is very similar to te previous reference. When trying to KISS THE FROG at the dock, you'll get the following message:

It refers to a specific scene in King's Quest IV.

References to The Colonel's Bequest/Laura Bow in other Sierra games

Sierra also added references to both The Colonel's Bequest and its main character Laura Bow in some of their other games.

Hoyle series

Sierra had a series that consisted of casual card games. You, as the player, can select various characters to play against to. The games contained original characters, but the earlier games of the series also had Sierra-related characters that could be selected. Later Sierra removed the the Sierra-related characters of the series.

Below are screenshots of Hoyle Book of Games 1 (this game featured the Colonel) and Hoyle Classic Card Games (where Laura Bow can be chosen to play a card game against to).

Gabriel Knight 1: Sins of the Fathers

In Sierra's first episode of their psychological thriller series Gabriel Knight (released in 1993), when reading a certain note at the Tulane university (note that this is the same university where Laura was studying in the introduction of The Colonel's Bequest), you'll get the message:

There's a notice for a lecture on Investigative Reporting techniques to be given by octogenarian Pulitzer Prize winner Laura Bow Dorian.

In the sequel of The Colonel's Bequest, The Dagger of Amon Ra, Laura gets in love with Steve Dorian, apparently they got married after the final Laura Bow game.

Again, if you know other references, we would love to hear about them!