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Colonel Henri Dijon is now on Twitter. Although known to hate socializing, he now has a Twitter account and is ready to answer your questions about his family members, estate, pets (horse, dog and parrot), servants (maid, butler, doctor, attorney) and some other things that players of The Colonel's Bequest adventure game should recognize.

The website presents the Henri Dijon Twitter Bot. The same commands that Henri recognizes in the Colonel's Bequest game, will be recognized by this bot (at least, most of them) and he will respond with his characteristic not-always-very-friendly remarks.

If you are interested in his opinion of his maid, Fifi. You can tweet him one of the following texts (choose the variant you like best, it does not make a difference):

  • @henridijon ask about maid
  • @henridijon ask Henri about the maid
  • @henridijon ASK Colonel ABOUT Fifi
  • ASK @henridijon ABOUT fifi

Note that the bot is smart enough to understand both "Fifi", "maid" and "the maid", just like the optional "Colonel" and "Henri" names. Also, using upper- or lowercase characters does not matter.

Perhaps you heard the rumors of Fifi and Rudy having a fight. If you'd like to inform the Colonel, tweet him one of the following tweets:

  • @henridijon tell about Fifi and Rudy
  • @henridijon tell henri about fifi AND rudy
  • @henridijon TELL colonel ABOUT Fifi AND Rudy
  • tell @henridijon about Fifi AND Rudy

If you are only interested in chit-chat, you can let him know by tweeting either:

  • @henridijon talk
  • @henridijon talk to henri
  • @henridijon talk to me


The Henri Dijon Bot is case insensitive. You can user tweet him both lower- and UPPERCASE (even MiXeD) texts. @Mentions other than @henridijon are ignored, just like #hashtags.

All the forms currently recognized by the bot:

Asking Henris opinion about someone or something

  • @henridijon ASK ABOUT xxx
  • ASK @henridijon ABOUT xxx
  • @henridijon ASK HENRI ABOUT xxx
  • @henridijon ASK COLONEL ABOUT xxx
  • @henridijon ASK ABOUT xxx AND yyy
  • ASK @henridijon ABOUT xxx AND yyy
  • @henridijon ASK HENRI ABOUT xxx AND yyy
  • @henridijon ASK COLONEL ABOUT xxx AND yyy

Telling him about somebody or something

  • @henridijon TELL ABOUT xxx
  • TELL @henridijon ABOUT xxx
  • @henridijon TELL HENRI ABOUT xxx
  • @henridijon TELL COLONEL ABOUT xxx
  • @henridijon TELL ABOUT xxx AND yyy
  • TELL @henridijon ABOUT xxx AND yyy
  • @henridijon TELL HENRI ABOUT xxx AND yyy
  • @henridijon TELL COLONEL ABOUT xxx AND yyy


  • @henridijon TALK
  • @henridijon TALK TO HENRI
  • @henridijon TALK TO COLONEL
  • @henridijon TALK TO ME
  • TALK TO @henridijon

Note that you can refer to the Game Story article for a list of Henri's family and staff members and our walkthrough to get an idea of which name combinations and other subjects Henri will respond to.

If Henri does not understand your tweet, he will answer in the similar way he would have done in the game.

Coming soon: SHOW and GIVE commands

Also coming soon: A status screen on this page to see if the bot is on-line


The bot is in active development (written in Oracle Nashorn) and can be turned off (or crashed, yikes!). So if it does not answer your tweet in a timely manner, please try again later. You use the bot at your own risk and we are not responsible for any problems.