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Game Story

The Setting

Laura, a courteous and quite polite girl, is invitated by her friend Lillian, to spend the weekend at a very isolated mansion, where her old uncle Henri's estate and inheritance is becoming more and more popular as the man's personal health is under discussion. As the invitation is accepted, and the weekend has begon, the story really begins. Lillian seems occupied from the beginning and Laura (you) has all the time to explore the surroundings. The first feeling that crawls up to you, is that not everything is quite alright. With great care, and with a snoop-like attitude, your curiosity is well fed as the game itself begins.

The Characters

Laura Bow
This is you! :-) Laura Bow is 20 years old and studying Journalism at Tulane University New Orleans. You are rather inquisitive by nature, as you were raised by a detective.
Henri Dijon
Colonel Henri Dijon is a typical Southener style personality. Henri is wealthy and quite eccentric. He is not overly fond of social contact in general, which merely is his way to prevent disappointment. Although his personality is marked by reclusiveness, he is quite okay nevertheless.
Lillian Prune
Lillian is your classmate and is definitely more bold, extroverted and rebellious than you are.
Ethel Prune
Ethel Prune, Lillian's mother, is mostly known for her whiny nature and alcoholic behaviour.
Gertrude Dijon
Gertrude is the widow of Henri's younger brother. She's known to be money grubbing, bossy and above all snobbish.
Gloria Swansong
Gloria Swansong, Gertrude's daughter, likes to think of herself as a chic actress. She is vain and especially looking for rich boyfriends.
Rudy Dijon
Rudolph Dijon is Gertrude's son, Gloria's brother and the Colonel's nephew. He is a slick womanizer who's trustworthiness is doubtful.
Clarence Sparrow
Clarence Sparrow is the Colonel's attorney. He manages Henri's business affairs and money, which attracts suspicious behaviour.
Wilbur C. Feels
Doctor Wilbur C. Feels is Henri's physician who's practices are considered to be questionable.
Jeeves is a typical solemn butler... a silent but imposing figure who is neither friendly nor helpful.
Fifi is a sexy French maid, who likes to use her charm to get her what she needs. Most others are under the opinion that she's using this too to get to Henri's money.
Celie is Henri's cook. She is very superstitious and somewhat reserved. Some are afraid of her, but she really is more friendly than most others.

The Will

Although the setting is brought to you as a family meeting, where you are allowed to walk around as well, the family is not the main reason all these people have gathered in this desolate isolated mansion. It is expected the health of the old Uncle Henri is decreasing at such a level, it is about time the future of his wealth is decided upon in his will. And if one wishes to retrieve a part of this, one way or the other, it is considered best to be near the grand prize :-). The will appears to be the binding factor that has brought everybody together on this occasion. Or is there more to it? :-)

Relations and understandings

As the evening marches on, you can get a good glimpse of how the people present have their own reasons to distrust or dislike one another, which affects the atmosphere greatly. Deceit, Fraud and Love are topic of discussion and all three seen as reason to have strong emotions about how other individuals.

Alternate ending

At the end of the final Act of the game, you will be forced to make a choice (unless you're too late that is). This choice entails the final direction of the story line by defining the person who is favoured as "good guy" in the end. Although if one reads well enough, it is clear enough what the best choice is supposed to be, this choice is yours.