Room #  Room Name
001Boatdock-Front of island
002Cemetary West-Crypts
003Bell Tower-Back Garden West
004Rose Arbor-Back Garden Middle
005Rose Garden
006Celie's House-Back Garden East
007Entrance to swamp
008Generic swamp
010West Wing of House
012East Wing of House
014Playhouse and Swing
015Front of House West
016Front of House Center
017Front of House East
018Maze Entrance
020Carriage House
021Mid-Driveway West
022Mid-way House View
023Mid-Driveway East
025River Road and End of Fence
026River Road, Fence and Carriage house
027River Road, West Driveway
028River Road, Fence Center
029River Road, Fence and East Driveway
030River Road-Edge of island
031Colonel's Gun Room
033Downstairs Hallway Back
034Dining Room
036Music Room/Parlor
037Front Hall-Grand Stairway
038Drawing Room/Parlor
039Secret Passageway West
040Secret Passageway Easy
041Guest Room-The Doctor
Room #  Room Name
042Colonel's Bedroom
043Upstairs Hallway back
044Lillian and Laura's Bedroom
045Ethel's Bedroom
046Gertie's and Gloria's Bedroom
047Upstairs Hall forward
048Clarence and Rudie's Bedroom
049Armor Close-up
051Secret Stairs from Hedge to passageway
052Secret Cellar
053Wine Cellar/Butlers Room
055Secret Passageway (generic)
056Stairs into crypt
057Inside Crypt
058Inside Chapel
059Inside Celie's House
061Inside Boat House (formerly Carriage House)
062Eye-holes close-up
063Inside Playhouse
064Fifi's changing room close-up
065Center of Hedge Garden
066Elevator handle-close-up
069Inside Stable
070Inside Well
071Bathtub - close-up
073Upstairs bathroom
074Attic East-Fifi's quarters
075Attic Center
076Attic West-Storage
077Will close-up
078Tulane University
079Swamp for open
080Front door close-up
081Frame for close-ups
082Attic window close-up for close
083Mississippi Queen rivierboat
084Close-up on Mississippi Queen
085Closeing three-shots
088Frame for characters