The server that ran finally gave up some months ago.

Unfortunately the old site used too many now out-of-date back-end technologies to bring it back up. So a rewrite is in order.

With the recent release of books like Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings (Ken Williams) and The Sierra Adventure (Shawn Mills),
not to mention the "Role players" episode of the Netflix High Score TV series with a short interview with Roberta Williams herself,
it would have been an excellent time to have a fan-site of one of the best classic adventure games ever released on the web in my opinion.

Also, the fact that GOG (Good Old Games) sells the game nowadays is also a huge plus.

So yes, I plan to bring back my small fan site dedicated to Colonel's Bequest (A Laura Bow mystery) back online.


In the meantime, at least the following files are available:

Archived copy of the old web-site

Luckily, the WayBack Machine archived the site many times, it looks like these copies work fine for the most part.

Future plans

I intend to bring back somewhere in 2021 2022 2023.

Thanks for your interest!

-- The admittedly rather small web development team